Advertising is the communication of a brand’s values to the target audience and the act of converting more viewers into customers. Good advertising stands out because it builds relationships between brands and consumers, shares an insightful truth, while increasing market share of the company. When the consumer feels that the ads talk specifically to them and impact their lives, they will likely remain loyal patrons of the brand.


Clients want to increase their profits and their market share in any way possible. Most clients do not understand the benefits of good work compared to bad work and its ability to change the marketing landscape. Their only goal is to increase their overall profits and investment dollars. Good work stands out, creates a larger ROI and converts more potential customers to actual patrons.


Advertising was not designed to stroke the egos of the artistic, but in order to be deemed ‘good work’ it needs to connect with its intended audience, persuade them to complete a call to action, and in turn create revenue for the company.




Definition of good work

Website Improvements


1. Showcase more client work

2. Increase social media focus

3. Show client testimonials

4. Update with new clients

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