Land O Lakes is a dairy co-operative that allows hundreds of farmers to sell their products under one brand name. 


Problem: Land O Lakes is extremely popular but people dont know why they are buying it. With the rise of gourment and private label brands, Land O Lakes is being squeezed in the midle. 


Key Strategy: For the first time in recent history, Butter is out selling Margerine. To sell more Land O Lakes, our strategy is to leverage the brand's co-op history to make it, "the butter with a backstory."





Current Consumer- Everyday Moderate

New Consumer- Selectively Local Cook

Purchase Journey of Current and Future Consumers

New Branding and Creative

Land O Lakes Saute Express did not match the feeling of the other products,this is our redesigned package. We created all natural varieties that will appeal more the LOL consumer.

Case Studies- Product Redesign

Case Study- Product Elimination

To maintain the new all natural approach we decided to eliminate Margerine from the Land O Lakes line.

CBM: Kagan McSpadden

CS: Ali Katz

AD: Rosalee Lewis, 

Rafael Cavalcante Vilela

CW: Madeline Trebenski

CT: Kathryn Stern