The American Society of Pharmacognosy is comprised of scientists in numerous fields who research natural products in search of medicines. The society approached the Brandcenter to go through a rebranding of the society and the consumer facing profession. 


Problem: The society has no identity that is appealing to scientists to join and the profession of Pharmacognosy is consfusing and does not resonate with people entering other related scientifical fields. Large drug companies are cutting their programs due to high expenses. Nobody is taking up this important research that is credited with Penasillan and Taxol with numerous other life drugs currently in clinical trials. 


Key Strategy: Increase the important study of Pharmacognosy by getting new researchers into the field.




New Brand Identity

Products to Fund Research

Case Studies 

CBM: Kagan McSpadden

CS: Ali Katz

AD: Zach Lepin

CW: Nelson Johnson

CT: Nick Robertson